SafeLaw Solicitor Accounts

SafeLaw Solicitor Accounts

Time and time again we receive feedback telling us that our software is the most flexible and comprehensive on the market. We are confident SafeLaw Solicitor Accounts will become your bookkeepers favourite and most trusted accounting system.

With SafeLaw Solicitor Accounts you can efficiently manage office and client monies, billing, produce comprehensive financial and professional indemnity reports and monitor the financial position of your practice with ease.

  • Flexible and Easy to Use
  • Favoured by Bookkeepers & Accountants
  • Integrates with all our Applications and Other Systems
  • Complies with Law Society Rules & Requirements
  • Allows Fee Earners to Easily Access Matter Ledgers


Management of Client & Office Account Transactions

Safelaw deals comprehensively with both transactions for the client account and office account. The office account transactions includes transactions in relation to client matters but also Office only transactions eg expenses, wages etc.

Comprehensive Matter Ledger Card

The matter ledger card clearly displays all transactions that occur on both the office and client accounts in relation to a particular case. There is a balance summary for each at the top of the report and detailed information for each transaction under separate Client/Office Headings.

Complete Invoicing System

Invoices can be generated in the system. The information included is Professional Fees, Outlay incurred etc.

Comprehensive Financial & Management Reporting system

Safelaw produces numerous Accounting reports for your year end e g Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Report, Nominal codes, Debtors and includes client ledger based reports aiding in complying with the Law Society regulations.

Easy to Use Multi-Posting System

Time saving multi-posting entries for both office & client transactions can be made.

Complete Bank Reconciliation System

Bank reconciliations for both Client and Office Accounts can be carried out. Produces relevant reports including outstanding cheques/lodgements.

Inter-Account Transfer Funcionality

Easy entry of Matter to Matter Transfers & Client to Office Transfers.

Monthly Roll Over

There is a monthly facility to reconcile the accounts and provide a system check on a regular basis.

User Access Rights

System allows different levels of user access.

At Legal & General Software we always ensure that we will be competative when it comes to price. 

We believe that the most important IT investment a company can make is in its accounting software. In our experience the companys that focus on whether the product can genuinely deliver on the promises made as opposed to being technology for technology’s sake ensure increased efficiency, productivity and a competative advantage.

We will deliver on our promises and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business at a price that your company can afford.

Please call us on 01 6706741, email us at or send us a message using our Contact Us page for a quotaion or to arrange a demonstration. 

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