Lex Risk Management

Due To Professional Indemnity Premiums being a constant weight on the minds of our customers, we have developed an easy to use and cost effective system which will ensure you can manage all of your critical information & registers.
  • Manages all Risk Management Registers
  • Flexible & Easy to Implement
  • Integrates with Lex Accounts & Lex Time Recording
  • Full Reporting on all Registers
  • No Learning Curve – Install & Use

Critical Dates

Easily keep a record of all Critical Dates on both the Case Screen & Firm Register so that you can see upcoming critical dates with ease. The system even allows you to create critical date workflows so that all fee earners are following the same critical date procedures.


Enter the details prescribed by the Law Society of Ireland, schedule reviews and record when undertakings have been discharged.


Ensure management of Deeds held by the firm or elsewhere is efficient and organised. All information about Deeds, including the relevant conveyancing dates can be stored within the system.


Manage your firm Wills Register with ease by storing details of will filing numbers, their status and location. You can even  store the details of the executors and notes that you have created.


Ensure that complaints are handled professionaly and that the firm manages complaints efficiently by using are easy to use register.

File Reviews

Easily schedule File Reviews for you or others and mark when they are actioned.

Money Laundering, S 68 Letters & Conflict Checks

With Lex Time Recording it is easy for you or your secretary to keep a record that you have carried out the requisite checks and sent out a S 68 letter.


The system provides a full compliment of reports on all registers making it easy for you to run a report on upcoming critical dates or any other information stored with in the registers.

At Legal & General Software we always ensure that we will be competative when it comes to price. 

We believe that the most important IT investment a company can make is in its management software. In our experience the companys that focus on whether the product can genuinely deliver on the promises made as opposed to being technology for technology’s sake ensure increased efficiency, productivity and a competative advantage.

We will deliver on our promises and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business at a price that your company can afford.

Please call us on 01 6706741, email us at info@legalgeneral.ie or send us a message using our Contact Us page for a quotaion or to arrange a demonstration. 

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