Olympus Digital Dictation

We Supply Olympus Digital Dictation Equipment Because Experience Has Told Us That Olympus Provide Reliable Equipment That Is Best Suited To Our Customer's Needs At Sensible Prices.

With the DS-2400 & DS-5000 Voice Recorders and As-2400 & AS-5000 Transcription Kits, Olympus introduces products for across-the-board professional dictation requirements. These top-of-the-range devices are complemented by the DSS Player software which provides added power and versatility to streamline workflow for more efficiency. With a focus on flexibility, security, simplicity and reliability, these brilliant products incorporate numerous state-of-the-art features to boost the productivity of dictation-users in all types of legal, accountancy, auctioneering and other businesses. This is further enhanced when used in conjunction with the Transcription Kits. Dictation and transcription requirements are therefore seamlessly integrated into the daily office workflow.

DS-2400 & AS-2400

Digital Voice Recorder In Full Metal Body

Control Via Push Buttons

Editing Functions

Hold Switch

Long Battery Life - Over 30 Hours In Recording Mode

Two recording Qualities - QP/SP

5 Folders For Audio File Storage

Compatible With Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Software

DSS Player Software Which Can Be Linked With Secretary's PC Over Network

Audio Files Can Be Sent By Email

AS-2400 Comes With Footswitch, Earphones & Dss Player Software

DS-5000 & AS-5000

Digital Voice Recorder In Full Metal Body

Switchable Slide Switch Guide

Editing Functions

File Encryption & Decryption

Lock Function By Password

Long Battery Life - Up to 28 Hours In SP Mode With Rechargeable Battery Pack

Compatable With Dragon Naturally Speaking

DSS Player Pro Software Which Can Be Linked With Secretary's PC Over Network

Audion Files Can Be Sent By Email

AS-500 Comes With Footswitch, Earphones & DSS Player Pro Software


DS-2400 :  €265 plus VAT

AS-2400 :  €175 plus VAT

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