Lex Time Recording

Introduce Time Recording to your Company with minimum fuss.

Lex Time Recording is a complete time recording solution aimed at all professionals who need to keep a record of their time.

Stop undervaluing your work and be able to produce the reports you need to improve fee recoverability as well as profit analysis.

Time Recording should be unobtrusive and easy to use. Our solution provides the perfect application to meet all your company’s needs.

  • Centralised Matter Information
  • Innovative Real Time Recorder
  • Designed by Experienced Professionals for Professionals
  • Integrates with all our systems and others
  • Simple to use and integrate into your company

Innovative Time Recorder

Time Recording Systems should be unobtrustive and easy to use. With our innovative timer, fee earners can commence recording with incredible easy and interrupt recordings without having to think twice.

Manually Enter Tasks

We understand that busy professionals are not always in front of their computer. As such the system allows you or your secretary to input details of tasks not recorded by the system time recorder in seconds.

Easily Edit Tasks

Whether you accidently start the Timer too early or too late, there is no need to worry because all tasks can be edited by fee earners with the relevant system permissions.

Manage Different Tasks

Our Timer will allow you to pause multiple taks so that you can work on another and then simply switch back to any of the tasks you have put on hold.

Multiple Rates

The system allows you to set different charge out rates for different fee earners and even allows you to allocate an individual rate to a particular matter.

Fixed Fees

Often fixed fees are agreed for pieces of work. This should not stop you from still recording the time spent so that the client can be shown how hard you worked and also that you have the information for your own internal reporting purposes. As such the system allows you to allocate fixed fees to different types of work.

Accounts Integration & Billing

The system integrates with all of our accounts products as well as Lex Risk Management. It also allows you to produce and print an invoice which can be recorded in whatever accounting system you use even if it is a manual system.


As you would expect there are many reports to choose from which use the latest report generation advances available. Lex Time Recording Reports will ensure your company has all the information it needs to ensure it has a close eye on the bottom line.

At Legal & General Software we always ensure that we will be competative when it comes to price. 

We believe that the most important IT investment a company can make is in its management software. In our experience the companys that focus on whether the product can genuinely deliver on the promises made as opposed to being technology for technology’s sake ensure increased efficiency, productivity and a competative advantage.

We will deliver on our promises and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business at a price that your company can afford.

Please call us on 01 6706741, email us at info@legalgeneral.ie or send us a message using our Contact Us page for a quotaion or to arrange a demonstration. 

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