We Provide Onsite Bookkeeping For Solicitors Throughout Dublin.

There is no need to spend large amounts of money to maintain balanced accounts. Our staff have extensive knowledge of Solicitor Accounts. This together with their knowledge of our accounts packages places us in a great position to provide you with an excellant service which can be provided efficiently and in a very cost effective manner.

Experienced Bookkeepers

Our team of bookkeepers have years of experience behind them managing computerised accounts. They are professional and understand your business.

Outsourcing Advantages

By outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements you will be making substantial savings. You can control how much time is spent on your accounts and be assured that value is obtained from all time spent. Our bookkeepers are very experienced and this coupled with their knowledge of our accounts packages, means that they will not need as much time as less experienced bookkeepers to maintain your accounts.

Software Savings

We offer all of our bookkeeping clients substantial savings on Lex Solicitor Accounts & SafeLaw Solicitor Accounts. We also offer substantial savings on all of our other software products to our clients.

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