Breeze for Barrister

Manage Your Practice With Software Designed For You. There Is A Reason Breeze For Barrister Is Used By The Majority Of Barristers In Ireland.

Time and time again our new users tell us that they wish they had started using Breeze for Barrister earlier.

The system lets you manage your practice with ease and most importantly keep a close eye on the bottom line, all for a small outlay.

Breeze for barrister has been designed and developed over many years for the specifi purpose of providing the ultimate easy to use software for barristers in Ireland.

Reduce accounts headaches and accountancy fees by contacting us today for a demonstration.

  • Create Customised Fee Notes & Receipts
  • Manage All Income & Expenditure
  • Produce Detailed Financial Reports Including VAT Returns
  • Record All Case Details
  • Integrates With Lex Time Recording

Produce Customised Fee Notes & Receipts

The system keeps a record of all fees generated and payments received. From this information Breeze for Barrister simply calculates your fee notes and receipts and keeps a record of your customised documents on file.

Manage Outstanding Fees

Produce Aged Debtor Reports so that you can easily see details of fees which are unpaid and produce customised statements so that you do not have to print off endless fee notes.


The system includes a full expenses module which allows you to record all practice expenses so that you can produce Vat Return Reports at the click of a button.

Case Details

All case information can be stored within the system in an easily seachable & colour coded database.


Produce all the financial and management reports that you require and reduce your accoutancy fees by being able to produce the information accountants need at the click of a button.

Document management and Word Document production

Attach all case documents to your case screen and produce word documents using the information stored within the system.

Integration With Lex Time Recording

The system fully integrates with Lex Time Recording, ensuring that all time recorded and costed can be used to produce Fee Notes without the need to re-input task details into Breeze for Barrister.


At Legal & General Software we always ensure that we will be competative when it comes to price. 

We believe that the most important IT investment a company can make is in its management software. In our experience the companys that focus on whether the product can genuinely deliver on the promises made as opposed to being technology for technology’s sake ensure increased efficiency, productivity and a competative advantage.

We will deliver on our promises and would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business at a price that your company can afford.

Please call us on 01 6706741, email us at or send us a message using our Contact Us page for a quotaion or to arrange a demonstration. 

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